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After the owner "Captain" Bill Sweeney (there is a memorial bench to him and his wife outside the building) passed away, the nightclub and restaurant rapidly lost steam. The building was in need of massive repair and had needed an overhaul for quite awhile. Also, the changing character of the Falmouth Heights neighborhood, once full of bars and a younger crowd, had given over to families and older residents, not exactly a prime spot for a nightclub.

After a major renovation in the early 2000's, the restaurant re-opened under new ownership as Casion Wharf FX. In addition to the restaurant, there are also a few luxury condo units. The new Wharf is beautiful and has the same georgous view, but lacks the spirit (and history) of the original. And (sorry for the opinion) the condos, which have become ubiquitous in Falmouth Heights, add nothing to the charm.

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Q: What happened to the casino by the sea nightclub in Falmouth Mass?
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