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They were sold to Virginia planters to work in tobacco fields


They were not "sold". Slavery was illegal under British law in Virginia up to 1720. (Virginia slave code). After serving 3-7 years of indentured servitude; like their white counterparts, they gained their freedom and was given property and the rights of free men.

Both African men and women intermarried with whites (rich & poor) up until 1661 in Virginia. Miscegenation was a huge problem especially with the steady flow of African labor into the colonies; the high number of mulatto children being born as a result placed enormous strains on the "Church parishes/Wards", who were responsible for the care and maintenance of these children born often to orphaned or destitute mothers. In the south, a child's legal status depended upon that of its mother. If the mother was free that child took on the same legal status. Children of free black men who mated with permanently enslaved women were not so lucky. Though children of indentured females were often made to serve 30 years before gaining their freedom.

By 1705 the Virginia General Assembly started discussing the "permanent enslave" legal status for NEWLY arrived Africans; however the final law wasn't passed until 1720. That law DID NOT affect the thousands who were already here & living as Free & Indentured persons.

Most Black Americans can trace lines back to the earliest Free & Indentured families of color. By 1770's nearly 9000 of their descendants would serve proudly as free men in the Revolutionary War under Gen. Washington!

It's sad that most Americans have no idea of these facts! American history is way to complex to sum up in a few are a few books I found helpful:

1)Free African Americans by Paul Heinegg ( Traces free black families to their origins in colonial America.

2) Children of Perdition, by Tim Harshaw

3) The History of Black America , by Tim Harshaw

4) Virginia Colony records, often found in genealogy libraries

5) Early Virginia Papers and references materials

6) Ferrar Papers, Magdalene College in Cambridge, England..also found online "Library of Virginia"

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in 1606

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Q: What happened to the first Africans brought to Jamestown in 1619?
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What happen to the first Africans brought to Jamestown in 1619?

They were worked to death and were beat to death.

The first Africans who arrived in Jamestown were?


First black Africans were brought to Jamestown by the?

21 slaves were bought from a shipwrecked Dutch ship in exchange for supplies in 1619

What year did first black slaves were brought to Jamestown?

They were first brought to jamestown in 1619.

What happened to the first americans brought to Jamestown in 1619?

Most of the Americans brought to Jamestown in the beginning died of diseases,food, and not having warm shelter. Most of them were gentlemen who were looking for quick money. They did not how to survive in the wilderness.

When did slavery begin in America?

The first Africans brought to Colonial America on English occupied territory came ashore at Point Comfort, today's Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia. They were later transported to plantations including Jamestown. The White Lion, an English ship flying a Dutch Flag brought the first Africans to Virginia in August of 1619. The fist enslaved Africans were considered indentured servants but in 1661 the Virginia House of Burgess declared Africans to be slaves for life.

When where the slaves first brought to America?

1619 they were brought into jamestown

Where were africans among the first colonists?

Jamestown in 1619 they arrived as slaves.

When was the first cow brought to the Americas?

The first cows were brought to America in 1611, Jamestown.

Why were slaves brought to Jamestown?

There were no slaves in Jamestown in 1607. The first slave into the colonies was in 1619.

When did English colonists buy 20 blacks to serve as slaves at the beginning of slavery in America?

The first 20 Africans brought to America as slaves were brought here in 1619. They were brought the colony of Jamestown, in Virginia. It is believed that, similar to indentured servants, they were freed after a certain amount of time.

Where were slaves first brought to in the US?

Jamestown, VA