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If you are refering to Louis "Kid Blink' Ballatt, one of the leaders of the New York Newsies strike of 1899, I know what happened to him during the strike, but not after. He and David Simmons were the well-known leaders of the newsies strike, and like Jack Kelly from the Disney movie Newsies, he didn't believe in "soaking the scabs". He spoke at the Irving Hall Rallly and was quoted many times in newspapers using his original dialect (reporters spelled the words how he spoke them). Louis and David promised a parade to the strikers, but it never did happen, and rumors started that Louis and David were bought off. They both denied it, but David was caught selling Newspapers, and Louis had gotten new clothes, and even though he denied it, the strikers thought he had been bought off. They chased him down the street, and luckily for him, two detectives saw Louis running followed by many angry kids, and thought he was heading a mob. He was arrested. This is lucky actually, because the strikers were very angry with him. His bail is supposedly paid for by his mother.

Like the movie, Louis "Kid BLink" Ballett was blind in one eye, and had an eye patch on one of his eyes. I hope this helped!

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Q: What happened to the real Louis ballatt?
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