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If the President dies (or is permanently incapacitated), the Vice President succeeds to the Presidency for the remainder of the President's term. If there is sufficient time involved, a new Vice President will be nominated to serve the Vice President's term.

If the President is alive but temporarily incapacitated, there is a complicated procedure for allowing the Vice President to act as Acting President temporarily, as spelled out in the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. The amendment considers the cases where the President voluntarily yields his powers or when he does not, as well as the process of returning the powers to the President if he recovers.

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If the President of the US dies or is unable to function, the Vice President takes his or her place.

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that's what the vice president is for.

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Q: What happens if the President dies or is disabled?
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What happens of the president is temporarily disabled and can not function as president?

the vice president takes over until further notice

What happens if the president dies or resigns?

If the president dies or resigns, the vice president takes over his job for the remaining years/job.

What amendment states what happens when a president becomes disabled and the vice - president must take over?

The 25th.

What happens if a President dies before being inaugurated?

The speaker of the house will be the acting president.

What happens if the president dies resignsor is removed from office?

Vice President takes over

What happens if there is a disagreement between the president and the vice president as to whether or not the president is disabled or otherwise unable to carry out the duties of the office?

=maybe they reelcted the president=

What happens if the vice president of the US dies?

The President appoints a new Vice President, who must be approved by Congress.

What happens if the lame duck president dies?

In this case, the lame duck vice-president would become president.

What will happen if a president dies in office?

The vice president will become the president if that happens. Well, what happened when Lincoln was killed?

What happens if a president dies or leave office?

The vice president gets sworn in. Just look up what happened to president Kennedy.

Documents that state what happens when current president dies during office?

"If the President is convicted in an impeachment trial" (or dies), "the President is the only person who loses his office. The Vice President would become the President upon the conviction." -US Constitution

When would the vice president take over the presidency?

When the current president dies. Also if the current president resigns from office. Also if the president is impeachedAdded: . . . or becomes too ill or incapacitated to carry out his duties,