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Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

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Q: What happens when the vice president gets shot?
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What happens if a president dies or leave office?

The vice president gets sworn in. Just look up what happened to president Kennedy.

Which vice president was shot in a dual?

No Vice-President ever died in a dual. There was the infamous dual of Aaron Burr, then a Vice-President, and Alexander Hamilton in Weehawken, NJ. Secretary Hamilton was killed and Vice-President Burr was wanted for the murder of Alex. Hamilton.

Who was president lincolns vice president and the seventeeth president of the US?

Andrew Johnson was his Vice President and became president when Lincoln was shot.

What happens if both the president and vice president are unable to fill the position?

If the president can no longer serve term, and neither the vice president, then the Secretary of State gets in charge. ...Or at least I'm pretty sure.

Why is the vice president sworn in before the president?

Because if the President elect is shot or killed before sworn in the vice President will be able to take the place as President.

What is pay of the United States president and vice president?

The president gets paid $400,000 a year ($1,600,000 a term). The vice president gets paid$160,000 a year ($640,000 a term)

Who is the next in line if the president gets assassinated?

the Vice President

When do the vice president gets the same money pay as the president?

when the vice president in the seat of president in the absence of the president, at that time the vice president will become eligible for getting the same salary of president.

What happens if the vice president of the US dies?

The President appoints a new Vice President, who must be approved by Congress.

Do they elect another vice president if the president dies or leaves office?

No, they keep the same vice president. For instance when Abraham Lincoln got shot, Andrew Johnson (the vice president) took his place as president.

What happens if the president pro tempore becomes president?

He/She appoints a new vice president, and the U. S. Senate gets a new President Pro Tempore, which by tradition has been the most senior Senator.

What happens if the president and Vice President are unable to serve out their terms?

The Speaker of the House becomes president if something happened to the president and vice president.