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What do you mean what has happened. Haven't you ever read the Bible or any hitorical book. That is where Jesus was born.

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Q: What has happened in the past in Bethlehem?
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When did Bethlehem bus crash happen?

Bethlehem bus crash happened in 2003.

What is the past tense of happen?

Happened is the past tense of happen.

What happened in Bethlehem before Jesus?

Everything was a mess. The people were very mean. Another comment: Bethlehem was a small town and they probably had their ups and downs like other towns, but there was good in Bethlehem. Do yourself a big favor and read the Book of Ruth, it is only 4 chapters, and 90% of the book happens in Bethlehem. Also King David, the great King of Israel was born in Bethlehem.

What is the distance between Waterbury Connecticut and Bethlehem Connecticut?

It is 13 miles taking this route:Take ROUTE 63 - NORTH (towards WATERTOWN), from Waterbury, to ROUTE 132 to BETHLEHEM, past Watertown. Turn left onto ROUTE 132. Take ROUTE 132 into Bethlehem.

Why was Bethlehem so busy?

Bethlehem is famous for it's rich colonial and industrial industry. It also holds a festival every year called music fest in which music artists from all over the country play there. In Bethlehem, there are many museums that hold history from the past and sights that take your breath away.

What is meant by past tense?

Past tense means that the action happened in the past.

What the past tense of happen?

The past tense of happened is happen.

What is past tense for happen?

The past tense of happen is happened.

When do you use past perfect tense?

You use past perfect to talk about one event that happened in the past before another event in the past.Past perfect is had + past participle.The train had left when I arrived at the station.I arrived at the station is something that happened in the past (past simple).The train had left (past perfect) is the thing that happened before I arrived.

What would have happened if king david did not choose a new capital?

A different city in Israel would be capital. (Probably Bethlehem)

What are the uses of past verbs?

Past tense verbs tell you whats happened in the past.

When do you use the past form of verb?

To talk about something that has already happened.