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Seperation of church an state affairs, and establishment of state governments.

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Q: What helped to create a strong political and social foundation after the American Revolution?
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Was the revolutionary war really a revolution?

A war. A revolution is the complete internal restrucuring of a society. A war is a contest carried out by force of arms. Americans fought a war of independance, they didn't restructure society like the french would in a few years.

What important political event happens in New Hampshire?

One piece of important history that happened in New Hampshire is that this state was the first one to start an independent government and create a constitution. New Hampshire also provided the ammunition for many battles during the Revolution.

Why would people start a revolution?

People start a revolution when they are not satisfied with the government and negotiations or compromise are out of question. When the relationship between people and the actual government is irremediably deteriorated. Their goal is to replace the government by a new one which represents and works for the good of people. This goal did not often come true.

How did englightnment influence American colonists?

The Enlightenment had a profound influence on American colonists in the 18th century. The Enlightenment also known as the Age of Reason was a period of intellectual and philosophical growth that emphasized the power of human reason and the importance of knowledge. This movement had a huge impact on the American colonists as it provided the philosophical foundations for the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and other documents that would shape the United States. The Enlightenment also provided the philosophical basis for the American Revolution and helped to shape the American political system. The Enlightenment helped to shape the American colonies in several ways: It encouraged intellectual inquiry and scientific exploration. The Enlightenment led to an increase in scientific knowledge which helped to further the cause of the colonists. It encouraged people to question authority and to think for themselves. It influenced the political thought of the colonists. The Enlightenment helped to shape the political ideas of the colonists such as the idea of democracy the concept of natural rights and the belief in the importance of individual liberty. This led to the American Revolution and to the development of the United States. It encouraged religious tolerance. The Enlightenment was a period of religious freedom and tolerance which allowed the colonists to practice their own beliefs without persecution. This helped to further the cause of the colonists and allowed them to practice their own religious beliefs freely.The Enlightenment had a profound influence on American colonists in the 18th century helping to shape the political and intellectual thought of the colonists and to provide the philosophical basis for the American Revolution. The Enlightenment helped to create a more tolerant and open society and it provided the philosophical foundations for the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and other documents that would shape the United States.

What answer best describes how some Americans felt about the idea of a revolution?

The loyalists felt a revolution would help create more colonies around the world.

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Did the American revolution create a substantial though not radical push in the direct of social and political equality?

The "push" was both substantial and radical for its time.

What two changes helped develop a strong social foundation for political democracy?

The expansion of voting rights to include all adult citizens and the promotion of a free press were two key changes that helped develop a strong social foundation for political democracy. By allowing more people to participate in the democratic process and ensuring access to diverse sources of information and perspectives, these changes empowered citizens to make informed decisions and hold their leaders accountable.

How did the Industrial Revolution create social spheres in American social life?


How did Shakespeare create a revolution on how people think?

I am not sure he did. He was a great artist, but he was not a political thinker, or a philosopher, or a revolutionary scientist.

What is the relationship of political science and philosopphy?

Philosophy forms the foundation of much of political theory, which attempts to create explanations for the occurrence of political processes, many of which have no obvious empirical nature and require serious contemplation and formulation to observe scientifically.

How did the American Revolution create a new nation?

The american side vs the british side were in war and the americans won and they earned independence.

What did South Carolina create to govern the colony in the years leading up to the American Revolution?

House of Deputies

HOW did the Industrial Revolution affect American history?

It created more jobs in American society, which lead to the printing of more money. America was also able to create goods faster, and create more, as well.

How first impressions of a teacher create foundation for learning?

first impression create foundation for learning in pre school for children

What did news of the Boston massacre help?

The Boston Massacre helped create the idea among American colonists that a Revolution can be possible

What was Alexander Hamiltons personal strength?

Alexander Hamilton had visionary ways of governing, and transforming ways to create the American political landscape. He believed in Democracy, for the people and to the people.

Who traveled to France during the American revolution helped create the Declaration of Independence and helped negotiate the treaty of Paris?

Benjamin Franklin did