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Between 1749 and 1827 many historical things happened in the Colonies. The Boston Tea Party, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 all occurred within that time period. The beginning of the United States also happened during that time period with the implementation of the United States Constitution.

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1642-1649: Civil War in England; Charles I is beheaded by Cromwell

1644: The Manchu conquer China ending the Ming Dynasty. The subsequent Qing Dynasty rules until 1912.

1644-1674: The Mauritanian Thirty-Year War.

1645: The death of Miyamoto Musashi, legendary Japanese Samurai warrior of natural causes.

1645-1669: Ottoman war with Venice. The Ottomans invade Crete and capture Canea.

1647: Seven-year-old Mehmed IV becomes sultan.

1647-1652: The Great Plague of Seville.

1648: The Peace of Westphalia ends the Thirty Years' War and the Eighty Years' War and marks the ends of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire as major European powers.

1648-1653: Fronde civil war in France.

1648-1667: The Deluge wars leave Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in ruins.

1648-1669: The Ottomans capture Crete from the Venetians after the Siege of Candia.

1649-1653: The Cromwellian conquest of Ireland.

[edit] 1650s

1652: Cape Town founded by the Dutch East India Company in South Africa.

1652: Anglo-Dutch Wars begin.

1654-1661: Mehmed Köprülü is Grand Vizier.

1655-1661: The Northern Wars cement Sweden's rise as a Great Power.

1658: After his father Shah Jahan completes the Taj Mahal, his son Aurangzeb deposes him as ruler of the Mughal Empire.

[edit] 1660s

1660: The Commonwealth of England ends and the monarchy is brought back during the English Restoration.

1660: Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge founded.

1661: Mehmed Köprülü dies and is succeeded by his son Ahmed.

1661: The reign of the Kangxi Emperor of China begins.

Sultan Mehmed IV1662: Koxinga captures Taiwan from the Dutch and founds the Kingdom of Tungning which rules until 1683.

1662: Jacques Aymar-Vernay, who later reintroduced Dowsing into popular use in Europe, is born.

1663: Ottoman war against Habsburg Hungary.

1663: France takes full political and military control over its colonial possessions in New France. Hooke's microscope discovers cells.

1664: The Battle of St. Gotthard: count Raimondo Montecuccoli defeats the Ottomans. The Peace of Vasvar - intended to keep the peace for 20 years.

1664: British troops capture New Amsterdam and rename it New York.

1664: John Evelyn's forestry book, Sylva, is published in England.

1665: The Great Plague of London.

1665: Portugal defeats the Kongo Empire.

1666: The Great Fire of London.

1667-1668: The War of Devolution; France invades the Netherlands. The Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668) brings this to a halt.

1667-1699: The Great Turkish War halts the Ottoman Empire's expansion into Europe.

1668: Peace Treaty of Lisbon between Spain and Portugal recognizes Portugal asindependent country.

1669: The Ottomans capture Crete.

[edit] 1670s

Kara Mustafa Pasha1670: The Hudson's Bay Company is founded in Canada.

1672-1673: Ottoman campaign to help the Ukrainian Cossacks. John Sobieski defeats the Ottomans at the second battle of Khotyn (1673).

1672-1676: Polish-Ottoman War.

1672: Rampjaar in the Netherlands - Combined attack by France, England and two German states on the Republic of the United Provinces.

1672: Lynching of Johan de Witt and his brother Cornelis de Witt in the Hague - William III of Orange takes power.

1672-1678: Franco-Dutch War.

1674: The Treaty of Westminster ends the war between England and the Republic of the United Provinces.

1674: Maratha Empire founded in India by Shivaji.

1676: The Treaty of Zurawno brings Polish-Ottoman hostilities to a halt.

1676: Kara Mustafa becomes Grand Vizier.

1676-1681: Russia and the Ottoman Empire commence the Russo-Turkish Wars.

1678: The Treaty of Nijmegen ends the hostilities with France.

[edit] 1680s

1680: The Pueblo Revolt drives the Spanish out of New Mexico until 1692.

1681: The Pasha of Buda supports Imre Thököly's rebellion in Hungary.

1682: Sultan Mehmed IV, advised by Kara Mustafa, decides to disregard the existing peace treaty with Leopold I, due to expire in 1684.

1682-1683: The Ottomans make camp at Adrianople.

1682: Peter the Great becomes joint ruler of Russia (sole tsar in 1696).

1682: La Salle explores the length of the Mississippi River and claims Louisiana for France.

1683: China conquers the Kingdom of Tungning and annexes Taiwan.

Crimean Tatar soldier fighting with the soldier of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Europe's steppe frontier was in a state of semi-permanent warfare until the 18th century.1683: A Habsburg council of war is held in Vienna.

1683: The Battle of Vienna finishes the Ottoman Empire's hegemony in south-eastern Europe.

1685: Edict of Fontainebleau outlaws Protestantism in France. King Charles II dies

1687: Isaac newton publishes Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica.

1688-1689: The Glorious Revolution starts with the Dutch Republic invading England, England becomes a constitutional monarchy.

1688-1697: The Grand Alliance sought to stop French expansion during the Nine Years War.

1689: William ascends to the throne over England, Scotland, and Ire

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The plague The plague

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Q: What historic events occurred from 1749 to 1827?
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