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Q: What ideas moods or feelings can a painting express or describe which a sculpture cannot?
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What was the populist party formed mainly to express?

The Populist Party was formed in order to express the feelings and ideas of the popular majority, typically farmers and laborers.

Sir you have liberty to return to your own country In this quotation from Tecumseh's letter to Governor Harrison what does Tecumseh express about his feelings regarding the white man's claim for?

Tecumseh doesn't recognize their authority.

When do you express ourselves?

you express yourself when you want to show how you are

What unit is used to express power?

The unit to express power is YOUR MOMMA

How many different cards does American express have?

Here is 31 of them I know for sure American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Card American Express® Preferred Rewards Green Card Bank of America Accelerated Rewards™ American Express® Card Blue Cash® for Business Credit Card Blue Cash® from American Express® Blue for Business® from American Express® Blue from American Express® Blue Sky® from American Express Business Green Rewards Card from American Express Clear from American Express® Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card Hilton HHonors® Platinum Credit Card IN:CHICAGOSM from American Express IN:LA® from American Express IN:NYC® from American Express JetBlue Card from American Express® JetBlue® Business Card from American Express® One from American Express® Platinum Business Credit Card from American Express® Platinum Business FreedomPassSM from American Express® SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express® Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card The Gold Card from American Express OPEN (SM) Bank of America® Accelerated Cash RewardsTM American Express® Card Platinum Card® Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card True Earnings® Card from Costco and American Express TrueEarnings® Business Card from Costco and American Express There is also the rumored American Express Black card

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What ideas moods or feelings can a sculpture express or describe which a painting cannot?


How does Claude Monet express his feelings?

Claude Monet expressed himself through painting. Painting was his passion.

How do you express your feeling?

You can express one's feelings by doing things such as painting, coloring and some other form of 'art'.

Where can I find some painting lessons for her?

Painting and drawing is a good way to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through your drawings. To find painting lessons you can check

Who was the dingo proof fence sculpture by Lin Onus made for?

it was not made for anyone it was so he could express his feelings between twoo cultures

What is bad art?

Art that does not create emotions and feelings, you need to express your feelings through art thats what its for, you need to truly feel what your painting, drawing, ect.

What is painting or drawing?

People draw to express the feelings inside them others draw because they like it and yet others are just bored.

How do Japanese calligraphers express meaning through their writing?

Calligraphy is a system of aesthetic Chinese writing expressed through a variety of brush movements and compositions of dots and strokes. Largely unintelligible to Westerns, calligraphy is regarded by many Chinese and Japanese as "the supreme art form" higher than painting and sculpture and more able to express lofty thoughts and feelings than words.

What is the importance of interjections?

to express our feelings we use interjection is important because due to this we can express our feelings

What is a word that expresses emotion called?

Words that describe "feelings" express specific emotions. The words feelings and emotions are often used interchangeably. Emotions or feelings include feeling happy, sad, angry, disappointed, satisfied, etc.

Why we laugh?

to express our feelings

What is expressionist painting?

Expressionist paintings are paintings that artists paint to express there feelings i.e a happy expressionist painting would have someone smiling and it would have bright colours, but if it was a sad painting it would have dark colors and if you look at it you would feel depressed.