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also the president

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just trying to help

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2020-11-02 15:15:38
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What part of the US Constitution lists the President's powers

What is a difference between federal and state court authority

What government types would most likely have a limited government

How are government corporations similar to other corporations in the United States

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2020-10-15 14:39:13

I just did it is D.Executive department civil servants.

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2021-05-27 18:08:13
Thank you !! love u !!
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Ariana Nelson

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2021-11-04 13:36:23
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Jake Garcia

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2022-05-04 23:15:54
the right answer thank you so much

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2020-04-18 17:45:07

Cabinet secretaries

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2022-01-17 05:22:08
For apex this is right
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2022-02-22 20:12:55
thank you

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Ana Serrano

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2022-02-17 04:21:17

C. The president - Apex

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