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You need to answer this question because we don’t do essays or homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson not our thinking.

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Q: What inference can you make about the crusades?
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How do you say to make an inference in spanish?

to make an inference = to infer = inferir

Can you make an inference without having made an observation?

no because how can you make an inference without making an observation

What to do when you make a cartoon?


What is draw inference?

make a conclusion

Can you make a meaningful sentence using the word inference?

I searched for the word inference in my dictionary that I bought yesterday.

What must you have in order to make an inference?

an implication

How can you use inference in a sentence?

She arrived home with wet hair, so I made the inference that she had just taken a shower.

What does it mean to make inference?

It means to draw a conclusion.

What must you do before you make an inference?


What it means to make inference?

It means to draw a conclusion.

What does it mean to take an infrence?

inference: a conclusion that attempts to explain or make sense of a observation

What is inference and observation?

Observation is stating a given fact that has nothing to do with your opinion. In contrast to that an inference is when you make an assumptions based on your INTERPRETATION of a fact.