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Firmented Pokeweed berries, mostlikely fermented in a hollowed out pumpkin.

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The US Constitution was written with a quill pen.

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They used iron gall ink.

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Q: What ink was used to write the US Constitution?
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What is a pen how is it important to us?

A pen is a tool with an ink core which is used to write with. Pens are usefuk to us because without them we would only be able to write in pencil and writing in ink looks smarter also, the modern pen is very sophisocated and comfortable to write with a pen is a piece of equipment that helps you wright with ink u would have to wright in pencil all the time

What was the gathering of delegates called to write the US Constitution?

Continental Congress

Which was not used as a source for the US constitution?

The internet was not used as a source for the US constitution.

How pens help us?

They let us write more permanently with ink. Pencil fades.

Was George Washington on the committee to write the us constitution?


How did george mason help write the US Constitution?

my mom

How do you create a new constitution?

my civics teacher is making us write a new constitution any ideas

Who were the 5 people who wrote the Constitution?

MANY more than 5 persons helped write the US Constitution.

What languages were used in the US Constitution?

The US Constitution is written in English. Some of the usage may seem antiquated, but it is clear English nonetheless.

When the representatives of the American states met in Philadelphia in 1787 what did they write?

The US Constitution.

Why did they write the federalist?

The purpose of the Federalist Papers was to advocate for the ratification of the US Constitution. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787.

Did timothy matlack pen the constitution?

Timothy Matlack engrossed the Declaration of Independence. However, he did not pen the US Constitution. The actual ink was put on the page by Jacob Shallus. Gouverneur Morris is credited with much of the constitution's phraseology and is sometimes called the penman of the constitution.