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There are no known inventions that came from the Spanish American war. The stadimeter which was invented in 1894, was however useful in the Spanish American war and it is used to measure the range of an object.

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There was no technology used in the Revolutionary War (1775-1781) as this was pre-Industrial revolution and there was no technology to be used. Cannons were hand-cast, muskets were hand-made, and cloth for uniforms was made on spinning wheels.

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Q: What inventions came from the Spanish American War?
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What came first the Cold War or the Spanish American War?

The Cold War came after WW2 and WW1 came before WW2 and after the Spanish American War and therefore the US Civil War preceededed the Spanish American War, or something like that.

What are bad things that came out of the Spanish American War?

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Who won the war in spanish -american war?

american of course won, but later the navajo was falling apart so spanish came back to take the land

What came after the civil war?

The so-called Indian Wars followed the Civil War. The next war against a foreign power was the Spanish-American War in 1898.after the civil war the war was called Spanish-American war

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The Teller Amendment came before the War.

How did the Spanish American War came to be?

The mysterious explosion and sinking of the USS Maine was the Casus belli.

What is a synonym for the spanish American war?

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The Philippine American war was the direct response to the Spanish American War.

What happened after the cilvil war?

After the Civil War came the Transcontinental Railroad, Reconstruction, the Indian Wars, the Oklahoma Land Rush, and the Spanish-American War.

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