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Q: What is 20 rules of agarwal bisa community?
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What is bisa aggarwal caste?

Bisa Aggarwal caste ia an upper caste in the Bania society. They are said to be followers of 20 (bees) rules and hence called Bisa Aggarwal. In the olden days, Banias were traders and involved in business. Aggarwals are descendents of the Agroha community the lord of which as Agrasen. Dasa agrawal is a lower caste amongst the Agrawals. They are said to have followed das (10) rules and descendents of non Agrawal wives.

Who is the oldest Indian woman to scale mount Everest?

Premlata Agarwal. She climbed Mount Everest on May 20, 2011.

Which rules in Attachment 5 specify the required eligibility documentation for the Unremarried Former Spouses 20-20-20 and 20-20-15 rules?

Rules 15-17

Who are gindoria subcaste whether it comes under agarwal community?

Gindorias are a sub-caste of Agarwal. I am a Gindoria but like most people in the sub-caste, I prefer to use Gupta as a surname. I was told by my mother that Gindoria word originated from the custom of distributing Gindoras, a lump of brown sugar, at the time of weddings. The Agarwals consider Gindoria inferior to them, dessas(10) against bisas(20) for the former. Gindorias are generally found in western UP, Haryana and eastern Rajasthan. Devendra Gupta: e-mail

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About 63% ofyoungcriminals help out the community and about 20% of adult criminals work for the community.

Which one of the following is a difference between the 20-20-20 and 20-20-15 rules?

Overlap of years of service and marriage

Which one of the following is a difference between the 20-20-20 and the 20-20-15 rules?

Overlap of years of service and marriage

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