What is 38 parallel?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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The 38th parallel is the dividing line between North and South Korea.

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Q: What is 38 parallel?
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What is parallel conflict?

The parallel of conflict is where north korea and and south fought was knowen as Parallel 38

Define 38th parallel?

The 38 parallel is the 38 parallel latitude line across the globe. But this is the line dividing the North Korean and South Korean countries.

How was the significance of the 38 parallel before and after the Korean war?

There was no significance. The 38th Parallel was ignored through out the war.

What was the famous parallel tha divided Korea into a northern Communist and a southern Democracy during the Korean War?

parallel 38

What is the Th parallel and why was it important in the Korean war?

The 38 Parallel devided North from South Korea prior to the war. however, during the war the 38th Parallel was ignored during fighting.

What was the prewar dividing line in Korea?

"The 38th Parallel"...38 degrees north latitude

What serve as the diving line between north Korea and south Korea?

The 38 Parallel.

How did Korea divide at 17 parallel?

Russia declared war on japan after the U.S. made peace with Japan the Russians were only able to get to the 38 parallel.

Why is the 38 parallel significant?

The 38th parallel is significant because it serves as the border between North Korea and South Korea following the Korean War. It symbolizes the division of the Korean Peninsula into two separate nations with different political systems and ideologies. The area surrounding the 38th parallel is heavily fortified and remains a tense region in geopolitics.

The 38 parallel is associated with what war?

korean ,world war 2,vietnam,spanish- americathe ....... the answer is korean.....

What country is divided at the 38th parallel?

The parallel 38° north is an imaginary circle of latitude that is 38 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. The 38th parallel north has been especially important in the recent history of Korea.

What is the sea that separates north Korea and south Korea?

They are separated by a land border at the 38 parallel. There is no sea between them.