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the articles are subdivided into ten sections

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Q: What is Article 1 is subdivided into ten?
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What did Article 1 subdivide into ten?

Article 1 of the US Constitution is subdivided into ten sections. Each deals with powers specifically given to the Legislative branch as well as denying states specific rights such as the right to enter into a treaty or the right to coin money [powers reserved for federal government].

Where does the constitution talk about the census?

The first Article (section 2) of the US Constitution mandates taking a census once every ten years.

Into what two categories has forensic accounting has been subdivided?

Forensic accounting has been subdivided into two categories, (1) litigation support and (2) investigation and dispute resolution

Is Hazard Class 1 subdivided based upon compatibility and intended use?


Which article of the US Constitution deals with the legislative branch of government?

A:article one or articles l

What is a army discharge article ten?

You wouldn't be discharged under Article 10. Article 10 of the UCMJ is the article which covers restraint of personnel charged with offences - Article 10 is why you'd be held in confinement, not why you'd be discharged.

What is Parent parcel?

A parent parcel is a large parcel of land from which smaller parcels have been subdivided. For example a one acre parcel that has been subdivided into four one-quarter acre parcels. It could also refer to a ten acre parcel from which a two acre parcel has been conveyed.

Which article of the constitution describes congress?

That would be article 1

What is the stone containing an article written in Hebrew Greek and Latin?

ten commandments

What are the main features of industrial estates?

1. Tract of land subdivided and developed into factory plots or sheds

Which article established the senate?

article 1

The legislative branch is outlined in what article?

It is Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution that outlines the Legislative Branch. Article 2 outlines the Executive Branch, and Article 3 outlines the Judicial Branch.