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Q: What is Bob Hawkes correct christian name?
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What is Bob Hawkes real name?

Robert James Lee Hawke.

What was the name of bob hawkes biography?

His biography is a stupis idiotic wierd thing its all lies

What were Bob hawkes qualities?

Bob Hawke was the 23rtd Prime Minister of Australia. He was a strong leader and an aggressive political figure.

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Bob Christian was born on 1968-11-14.

Was Bob Marley a christian when he died?

Bob Marley had infact been baptised in to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church before he died and was given the name of "Berhaine Selassie" which means the 'light of the trinity. He died a 'Christian Rasta'.

When was Bob Christian - baseball - born?

Bob Christian - baseball - was born on 1945-10-17.

When did Bob Christian - baseball - die?

Bob Christian - baseball - died on 1974-02-20.

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