What is Imerialism?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Imperialism, I believe you mean, is a foreign policy intended to build and maintain an empire by controlling territories outside of your nation.

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Q: What is Imerialism?
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Who opposed imerialism by writing sattire?


What is the policy of using the us government to guaruntee loans made to foreign countries by American business people?


What were a major effect of European imerialism in Africa?

what was a major effect you mean? It is that it has lead to much unrest in the political sense, not strong economies when the europeans left, and it has made most of Africa dirt poor.

What is a good thesis statement for the question What motivated European imerialism and why was European imperialism so successful in Africa?

European expansionism was successful in Africa due to sophistication of weaponry and Europes monopoly of the slave trade.

Was the McKinley-Roosevelt victory in 1900 over the rnti-imperialist campaign of William Jennings Bryan was interpreted as a public mandate for American imerialism?

Kid, the answers are in your textbook, quit being a lazy person and find them.

Why did the Europeans take over China during imperialism?

It really wasn't during imerialism, it was more they took over china WITH imperialism! They took it over mainly because chine was somewhat smaller that them in the Economy, military, or just politcally.

What year did Ethiopia gain its independence?

Ethiopia did never gain its independence. It has always been so. And it was the only county in Africa which has always (always is a bit relative; of course you can go 1000s of years back and the situation was different, but i guess your question was aimed to know more about the europe countries occupying african areas during imerialism) been independent.