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It is defiantly Maddie. Her full name is Jacqueline Maddie Wilson, her name before she was married was Jacqueline Maddie Atkins's.

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Q: What is Jacquline Wilson's middle name?
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What was jacquline wilsons mum called?

Her mum's name is Biddy

Who were jacquline Wilsons parents?

Biddy And Harry

What is jacquline Wilsons favourite type of weather?

nice and sunny

What jacquline wilsons most famous books?

tracy beker lol

What is jacquline wilsons fravour book?

her fav. book is the illustrated mum.

What is jacquline wilsons daughter called?

Emmaand her ex-hubby was Miller Wilson

What good books are there for kids?

Michael mopurgo books jacquline wilsons books ones about war

Is jaqueline wilsons middle name maddie?

i think it's maddie

What is Jacqueline wilsons favorte book?

i asked her this on the jacquline Wilson web site (u can email her there!) and she said it was kiss because she became atatched to sylvie and carl. hope this helps! I AM A H.U.G.E JACQULINE WILSON FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What age is jacquline Wilson?

jacquline Wilson is 63