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Net gain from operations are statutory accounting principles. It is listed with the annual financial statements of an insurance company that is filed in the state it is licensed with the insurance commissioner. It is income filed under GAAP that is equal to the net income.

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Q: What is Net gain from operations?
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Can a growing difference between net income and cash flow from operations be because of manipulation by management?

Growing difference between net income and cash flow from operations is due to growing amount of non cash items in income statement like depreciation, amortizations, loss on disposal or gain on disposal of asset etc.

If you earn 29000.00 what is the net?

The net gain, or net loss is equal to the amount you spend - the amount you earn. So, If you spend 18000.00, the net is 10000.00. The net gain, or net loss is equal to the amount you spend - the amount you earn. So, If you spend 18000.00, the net is 10000.00.

Is net gain the same as net profit?

No, Net profit is always from revenues from operating activities while net gain can be from any transaction for example from sale or disposal of old fixed asset etc.

What is the net gain of anaerobic respiration?

The net gain of anaerobic respiration is 2 ATP molecules per glucose molecule. It also produces lactic acid in animals or ethanol in some microorganisms as byproducts.

Why is that net income does not equal cash provided by operations?

Net cash flow and net profit is not same due to inclusion of non cash items in net income that's why net income is adjusted for non cash items while preparing cash flow from operating activities.

Explain the difference between Profit Gain?

Profits are what you are in business to make. Gains are coincidental increases in net assets unrelated to the primary business operations. If you are a clothing store, you make profits off of selling clothes. When you sell an old piece of equipment for more than it's worth on your records, it is a gain.

How many ATP is gain during glycolisis?

the net gain is 2ATP molecules -9th grade textbook

How would one gain health net insurance?

To gain health net insurance you would have to reduce some percent from your medical, so that the proportions would be equally, and so you can use your premium.

Income from Operations to evaluate the profitability of a company instead of Net Income?

Net income includes income from operations, discontinued operation sales, extraordinary items, changes in accounting principal, and earnings per share. Income from operations is the income associated with their regular income streams, not including the above items. High net income could be due to the sale of discontinued operations, or the sale of a large asset (such as a building), or any number of other things. High Income from operations, however, indicates the company's normal stream of income is high, which is good.

What is the net gain of each molecule of glucose entering glycolysis?

2 ATP Glycolysis uses 2 ATP molecules in the first half, called the Energy Investment Phase, and creates 4 ATP molecules in the second half, the Energy Payoff Phase. So -2 + 4 = a net gain of 2 ATP molecules.

What is net gain of ATP molecules produced directly by glycolysis?


Glycolsis provides a cell with a net gain of?

2 Atp molecule