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peeldriscit school borad chris will work at as a Janitor

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Q: What is Ontario's Local Government?
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What is Ontarios current political party?

In the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the Liberal Party currently (March, 2009) forms a majority government.

What is ontarios movement?

what is movement in Ontario

What is Ontarios population in 2012?

It is approximately 12,200,000.

What is Ontarios 2nd most populated city?


What team did Dr James Naismith play for?

he played for the Ontarios.

What is L.G.U?

Local Government Unit.

What is difference between local government and local self government?

The difference between local government and local self government is that local government has a more limited scope of power. Local self government is able to make more decisions.

What is the difference between local government in America and local government in Britain?

Local government in the United states is less directly answerable to the national government than is local government in Britain.

What are the difference between local government and local government administration?

The differences between local government and local administration is in their function. Local government is a devolved level of government that offers public administration while local administration can be offered by various organizations that offer some form of local leadership.

Differences between local government and local administration?

compare and contract local government and local adminstration

What is ontarios population?

Ontario's population as of 2010 was 13,210,667 which is the largest in all of Canada.

What is Ontarios provincial bird?

Ontario's provincial bird is the common loon since 1994.