What is Party de-alignment?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When a large portion of the electorate abandons it's previous party affiliation.

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Q: What is Party de-alignment?
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What is dealignment?

what are the characteristics of party de-alignment

What is the Weakening of major party preferences that leads to a rise in the number of Independents?


A weakening of major party preferences that leads to a rise in the number of Independents is?


There has been a decline in partisan identification and loyalty to parties What is this called?

This is commonly referred to as dealignment, where individuals are less attached to political parties and may not consistently identify with or support a particular party.

What are the characteristics of party dealignment?

There are various characteristics of party de-alignment. They include breaking of ties between the parties involved, the electorate will abandon the affiliation with the other party and so much more.

When people abandon both parties to become Independents it is?


What has the author Tammy Kusine Terrio written?

Tammy Kusine Terrio has written: 'Dealignment, independence, and minor party support in California' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Political parties, Third parties (United States politics)

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