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A monopoly of that commodity.

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Q: What is The exclusive control of the production of a certain good by a business is known as?
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What is a single business called if it has achieved exclusive control over a product or service?


What is the exclusive control of a product by a business called?

monopoly is a really fun game, lmfaoroflzlolteeheeahahahah.

When you have exclusive control of anything you what?

When you have exclusive control of anything, you monopolize it

What is the control of all trade and production of a certain good or service?

A corporation

What is exclusive control?

When you have exclusive control over something, you monopolize it. -- XxMUSE FANxX

What is the span of control of the production manager?

it is something about business but im not really sure what is it

What strategies enabled big business to eliminate competition?

Your business needs to be the best is selling and marketing.OrThe formation of monopolies allowed for exclusive control over the supply of a particular product with no competition.

What has the author A H Lines written?

A. H. Lines has written: 'Inventory control techniques' -- subject(s): Inventory control 'Making management services pay' -- subject(s): Business consultants 'Production control and systems design' -- subject(s): Production control

What is a word for exclusive control?


What is the exclusive control of an industry?

a monopoly

Who has exclusive authority direction and control of the Joint Staff?

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has exclusive authority, direction, and control of the Joint Staff.

What was the Production Budget for Control?

The Production Budget for Control was $6,400,000.