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Public Policy :)

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Q: What is The response or lack of response of government decision makers to an issue?
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The response or lack of response of government decision makers to an issue is the definition for what terms?

public policy

Who are the decision makers people with influence and power surrounding the issue?

Local/State Government

if the media cover an issue and it gets a powerful response from the public, the media sometimes follow up by covering that response. what is the most likely outcome of these events?

Changes to public policy on the issue

What is the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem?

When the government takes action in response to an issue, it does so through public policy. Public policy can range from education policy to energy policy.

What decision did Chiune Sugihara make?

he chose to disobey his government and issue visas.

A choice that government makes in response to some issue on its agenda is called?

its a public policy

States rightists typically believe that?

State and local resolution of an issue should take precedence over the decision of the federal government.

What did GI originally stand for on the uniforms of American miltary?

what did GI originally stand for on the uniform of American miltary

Why was the report was written?

The report was written to summarize information, present findings, and make recommendations based on research or investigation carried out on a particular subject or issue. It serves as a tool for informing stakeholders, decision-makers, or the public about the topic at hand.

What is a reader response letter?

it is a reader's personal response to a topic or issue in a newspaper.

What does g i stand for?

Government Issue Gastro-Intestinal Government Issue

How did The decision in Gibson's vs. Ogden basically addressed what issue?

The decision in Gibbons v. Ogden addressed the issue of whether states have the authority to regulate interstate commerce or if that power belongs exclusively to the federal government. The ruling established that regulating interstate commerce is a federal power under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.