What is Virginia?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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From 5,729 ft (Mt. Rogers) to 0 (Atlantic Ocean)

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Virginia is also a state in the United States. Virginia is also a woman's name.
Virginia is a state in the United States. For more information, follow the link below.

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Q: What is Virginia?
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What are now the states of Virginia and West Virginia?

The states of Virginia and West Virginia are still that: the separate states of Virginia and West Virginia.

Does West Virginia share a border with East Virginia?

There is no such state as "East Virginia." There is just Virginia and West Virginia. However, Virginia and West Virginia do share a border.

What is the state capital of East Virginia?

There is no East Virginia: there is Virginia and West Virginia. The capitol of Virginia is Richmond.

Which is longer West Virginia or Virginia?

Virginia is longer than West Virginia.

Why isn't there a East Virginia?

Virginia used to be what is now West Virginia AND Virginia. On June 20, 1863, West Virginia joined the Union, leaving Virginia as a confederate state. There is no East Virginia because it has always been called just "Virginia." It's likely that there will never be an East Virginia unless the Eastern portion of Virginia becomes its own state. Then there would be a West Virginia, Virginia, and East Virginia.

Did Virginia and West Virginia remain in the union?

Virginia split into two states (west Virginia , Virginia) Virginia become a free state while west Virginia went under union

What direction is West Virginia than Virginia?

West Virginia is North-West of Virgina. They are adjoining states; West Virginia was once part of Virginia.

Why did Virginia stay as Virginia and not east Virginia?

Virginia wanted to keep their original name.

Is Augusta county Virginia of the 1750's Virginia or West Virginia today?


What part of Virginia did the Virginia company found?

The Virginia Company founded Jamestown, Virginia.

What is the birth name of Virginia Holden?

Virginia Holden's birth name is Virginia Gaines.

When was Virginia High School - Virginia - created?

Virginia High School - Virginia - was created in 1895.