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the evergreen state.

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The "Evergreen State" .

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Q: What is Washington's state nickname?
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What was Martha washingtons nickname?

Martha Washingtons nickname was Pasty

What is geroge washingtons nickname?

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What is Washington nickname?

George Washington's nickname was the Father of the United States.

What is Washingtons state abbreviation?


What is washingtons nick name?

The Evergreen State

What is washingtons state bird and flower?


Who was washingtons secratary of state?

Thomas Jefferson

What is Washington state's grass?

Washingtons state grass is BlueBunch Wheatgrass?

What is your state's nickname and why?

the nickname of our state is

Who was George Washingtons secrcretary of state?

Thomas Jefferson

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The governor of Washington state is Governor Chris Gregoire.