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Monarchy, Dictatorship

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Q: What is a Political system in which one person rules?
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An autocracy is a political system ruled by?

they are ruled bye the people.

Why are dictatorships and monarchies considered autocratic political system?

both systems are ruled by one person.

Dictatorship and a totalitarian dictatorship?

A dictatorship Is a system where one person rules an area or country. A totalitarian dictatorship is when that one person interferes with every aspect of your life. In a way, a dictatorship can still be considered free

What are the political instituions?

Broadly, political institutions are symbols that represent the interests of the actors who make up the political institutions. As such, these places make up the rules of a political system and attempt to regulate the affairs to which actors make policy amongst themselves. Examples of one political institution is the United Nations- this institutions creates rules (like the general assembly and its voting mechanisms) among its member states in an effort to represent the interests of each country (actors).

What are the essential element of the English political tradition?

There are several elements to this tradition. Freedom of speech, a democracy system where not just one person rule and makes decisions, and a jury system.

What is single party state?

The phrase 'de facto' means in ['de'] fact['facto']. A single-party political system may have two or more political parties that theoretically are allowed to name candidates for political office. But that system is 'de facto' when only one party gets its candidates elected.

A person favoring one side of a political issue is what?

A person favoring one side of a political issue is typically referred to as having a political bias or being politically partisan.

One person with unlimited political power?

A form of government in which a single person holds unlimited political power.

The word monarchy means what?

It means rule by one person or ! person who rules.

Cuba has what type of political system?

One- Party

Should the American political system be reformed to actually reflect the concept of one person one vote?

It would make America safe of corruption in the closest ten years, - and don't assume the American political system won't change - but as much as I hate saying it: there is a small chance that it will reform in the closest of futures.

Explain how the monarchy government works?

a monarchy is a political system in which all the power is in the hands of one person (usually a king or queen). that means that the monarch (the ruler) controls the goverment, the people, and the nation in general.