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The chief executive of anything, whether political or private is the person who is in charge of everything. It can be a role as well as a title or position. It usually means that person has final say over everything.

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Q: What is a basic power of the chief executive?
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What is a Chief of Executive?

Term for the president as vested with the executive power

What is chief of executive?

Term for the president as vested with the executive power

What are the basic roles of a president?

Chief of State, Commander in Chief, Chief of Diplomat, Chief of Executive, Chief Legislature, Chief of Party, and Chief of the Economy

The executive power shall be vested in what?

The President is the chief executive officer.

Which branch of government has the power of commader and chief?

the executive branch

Role of prime minister of India?

he/she is the chief executive power

How can the legislature can check the power of the executive?

The legislature can check the power of the chief executive or president by overriding, approving and impeaching.

Who is chief executive is?

The plural of "chief executive" is "chief executives"

What is the title of the chief executive?

There are different titles for the chief executive. In some countries the chief executive is call president. In many companies, he or she is called the chief executive or chief executive officer.

What is the plural of chief executive officer?

Individually, chiefs, executives, officers. Collectively, Chief Executive Officers

What types of power does a Chief Executive have in a business?

A Chief Executive Officer in a business has a large amount of authority. They are usually responsible for the day to day operations of the business and are in charge of management.

The power of a chief's executive to cancel specific items in an appropriation or a tax bill is called?

Veto power