What is a bawdy house?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A bawdy house is a historical term for a brothel or house of prostitution.

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Q: What is a bawdy house?
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What is a bawdy-house bottle?

A bawdy-house bottle is an obsolete term for a very small bottle.

What is keeping a bawdy place?

Running a house of prostitution.

How do you spell bawdy?

Bawdy. "She sang bawdy songs, such as 'A Lusty Young Smith,' to the enjoyment of all."

In which of play does the author not shrink from setting his play in a bawdy house?

"The Balcony "- Jean Genet(1957)

What is sentences using bawdy?

Bawdy means vulgar or lewd, humorously coarse. Here are some sentences.I think that play is a little too bawdy for my mother to see.He told a bawdy joke.Her taste is very bawdy compared to mine.

What is a good sentence for bawdy?

The kids were sent to bed because of our bawdy jokes.

When was The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones created?

The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones was created in 1976.

Use the word bawdy in a sentence?

It was a very bawdy town, with trash scattered on the ground and dirty buildings

What are others names given to a cathouse?

Brothel, bordello, bagnio, bawdy house, bordello, call house, den of iniquity, house of assignation, house of ill repute, house with red doors, massage parlor, red-light district, whorehouse, house of ill repute, house of prostitution, Congress.

What was a bawdy basket?

A crooked basket

What rhymes with gaudy?

...tawdry, bawdy...

What does Shakespeare mean by the word bawdy?

a sexual related humour, there are different categories which include for example explicit or miming. It is used in greek comedy theatre. An example could be: 'this is one long cucumber' or any sexual humor as such.