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Miranda v Arizona

Roe V Wade

Brown Vs Board of Education

Marbury v Madison

Dred Scott v Sanford

Anytime there is a major Federal case it's almost always a legal battle over government (law enforcement) vs individual or corporation's rights

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Q: What is a case where a citizen's legal rights were violated by law enforcement?
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Due process is the entitlement of a citizen to?

Usually refers to rights when subject to law enforcement or judicial action, or agency rulemaking that impacts the rights of citizens - due process meets constitutional requirements, referring to both procedure and substantial rights of citizens. For example, if a citizen has a legal right to land and the government needs to build a freeway through it, the government can't just take it, due process requires at least notice, fair market compensation and opportunity for judicial review of the decision-making.

What is infringed?

An infringement is a minor offense which involves breaking the terms of a law or an agreement, or by simply violating a rule. It can sometimes lead to legal penalties.

What does due process of law ensure?

The due process ensures that a person will be provided with a clear notice as to what they are being accused of. These individuals are also allowed the opportunity to file a grievance. Should the individual not agree with the determination made in their case they have the right to appeal the legal decision that was made.

How can the American legal system which is so devoted to protecting individual rights justify itself morally if it jeopardizes through its own rules the right of law-abiding citizens to personal p?

The US legal system has always tried to balance order and personal liberty. Sometimes it is necessary and justified to sacrifice some personal rights to maintain order and protect society.

This legal process grants a person the rights and privileges of a citizen?


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Three reasons why citizens may not take legal action against police if there rights are violated?

if the person is illegal in the country

What role does the US bill of rights play in US legal system?

The legal system makes sure that Americans rights outlined in the B of R are not violated.

What argument did Plessy's legal team make in Plessy v Ferguson?

making plessy change his seat violated his equal rights under the constitution-apex

What is law of tort?

tort is a wrongful act by virtue of which the legal rights of another indivisual is violated

Who originally granted the legal rights of the English citizens?


What argument did plessy legal team make in plessy v. Ferguson?

making plessy change his seat violated his equal rights under the constitution-apex

This protects citizens rights during legal proceedings?

Due Process

What protects citizens rights during legal proceedings?

Due process

What legal document protect your rights as Mexican citizens?

The Mexican Constitution

Did The removal of Native Americans from their lands by the Indian Removal Act of 1830 violated their political legal and human rights?

You might want to check out the Constitution's position on that in the 1830s--I dont think that, according to the constitution, the Native Americans had many rights at that time so perhaps their rights were not violated because they had none at all. If you were talking about the universal rights we have today regarding all beings, then they were DEFINITELY violated--they had no political say, they had no inclusion in legal rights, and they were raped, tortured, moved out of their homes, and killed brutally.

Can an illegal alien who is married and has five children who are US citizens become a legal resident?

He has already violated our laws. Why stop now?

Who were the only people who held legal rights in Greek city states?