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It is unclear where or how the term 'civil libertarian' actually came about. The term is mostly used by people who are attempting to describe other peoples politics of which they do not understand. Google Wikipedia's article on civil libertarian as an example of the confusion that comes from this word. The description of civil Libertarianism describes people from both the left and the right. The biggest problem with the word is that civil rights are not natural rights. To be civil is to be a part of the state, but one need not the state in order to have natural rights, but one can not have civil rights with out the state. Who ever these 'civil libertarians' are they are not Libertarians, or members of the patriot community, or free thinking individuals. The belief that mans rights preexist a government is not a 'civil libertarian' ideology it is the ideology of freedom. It seems to me that these so called civil libertarians spend more time asking the government for liberties then they do just being free. I've heard it said that if only the leaders would lead, the people would surely follow. I'm inclined to believe that if you have no leaders all that's left is to follow your heart. I'm fairly certain that's legal. I don't need a plethora of civil libertarians playing politics with a government hell bent on reigning in the rights of the people, in order to be free. We would all be better off if we would mind our business then there would be far less confusion on what a civil libertarian is.

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Q: What is a civil libertarian?
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