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Political Partys, and or a democracy...

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Q: What is a complex network of voluntary associations economic groups religious organizations and many other kinds of groups that exist independent of government?
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What are 3 ways in which government may restrict the exercise of religious belief?

The government may require a religious group to have a permit to parade that religion. The Federal Government may draft those who have religious objections to military service. Organizations that enlist children to sell religious literature to obey child labor laws.

What states have property tax exemptions?

All of the states in the United States have property tax exemptions for government owned properties (local, state, and federal), certain educational organizations, qualifying religious organizations, and certain qualifying nonprofit organizations.

Does the people's republic of china have religious freedom?

"That is a common misconception. When a chinese person leaves their house they are immediately forced inside. They are not allowed to see sunlight." That's funny. I lived in Beijing for many years and I used to go to a Christian Church near my apartment in Beijing. I would say we have limited religious freedom in PRC. While the government does not encourage people to be religious, they do not care as long as you and the religious organization you are in support the government's authority. They call these religious groups the "legal ones". For those who makes the government feel being threatened, they are seen as "illegal ones" and will not be permitted to build their temples or churches. Most Christian Churches in China are legal because they have announced they will not do any activities that will make people against government's authority. We have many "legal" religious organizations in China and some of them are even supported by big corporations and sometimes even the government. For those "illegal" religious organizations, the government is very strict to them.

What social groups exist in the region?

Some social groups in the region include families, friendship circles, religious organizations, community clubs, and cultural associations. Each group serves different purposes and provides support, belonging, and shared interests to its members.

What are the two important assumption from the basis of secularism?

Acceptance by a people that nationhood is primary and religion is secondary to that and that religious organizations should not in any way influence or interfere in government.

What makes Protestants the most diverse group?

They are not centrally unified as say, Catholicism is. A huge variety exists as to how Protestants worship and believe. There are many different Protestant religious organizations, and they tend to emphasize intents as opposed to ritual. The organizations do not necessarily work together, and they are independent of each other.

What are the 5 soils of democracy?

1. Active Citizen Participation- citizens inform themselves about issues, vote in elections, serve on juries, work for candidates, run for government office, etc. 2. Favorable Economy- strive to have no extremes of wealth and poverty/large middle class 3. Widespread Education- educated public 4. Strong Civil Society- network of voluntary associations, economic groups, religious organizations, independent of govt. (e.g. Red Cross, local newspaper) 5. Social Consensus- general agreement of political and social values

What percentage of hospitals were started by religious organizations?

a lot

What services did religious organizations provide to the people during the Industrial Revolution?

they provided charity organizations such as the salvation army

What is secular state?

A secular state is a governing system that operates without any religious influence. It separates government institutions from religious organizations, ensuring that laws and policies are not based on any specific religious beliefs. This allows for freedom of religion and equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of their faith.

How do religious organizations get started?

Apparently, to start up a religious organization, one only need a small number of people to follow the religion, and the number is ten. For organizations the number would be the same.

What are the 4 four religious organizations?

There are many more than 4.