What is a costline?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The coastline is the outline of a coast from state to state. It is usually pretty rugged, and from an airplane it is easily established what is land and what is the ocean.

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Costlines are coastal land forms

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Q: What is a costline?
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US state that has longest costline?

Alaska does.

How many miles of costline does Florida have?

the answer is 345678901

Is the capital city of Brazil on a costline?

No, it is inland.

What is the northernmost state along the Atlantic costline?


How much of antarctica is costline?

All the edges of the continent are coastline.

What are the Japan's costline?

Japanese coastline is 29,751 km long.

Estonia has a costline on which large body of water?

awnser the question someone

What is the state that bordes with California and Nevada and a costline on the Pacific Ocean?


Which continent has the longest costline?

Antarctica has the longest coastline among all the continents.

Does West Virginia have a ocean costline?

As West Virginia is a landlocked state, it does not border any oceans.

Which South American country has the longest Pacific costline?

Chile has the longest Pacific coast line in S.A.

Which state has the longest costline on the Atlantic Ocean?

its main. even though flordia is longer half of it is going into the gulf of mexico.