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A court made up on non-military judges is often called a tribunal. Federal judiciary courts are often called an apex.

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Q: What is a court made up of non-military judges?
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How many judges in india?

There are about 3,500 judges in India. The largest number is made up of the district court judges who add up to over 2,600 judges.

What is a court made up of non military judges?

civilian tribunal

What is an appeal court judge called?

They're just called judges, or sometimes appellate judges. The Appeals Court is made up of one Chief Judge and six associate judges.

The US Supreme Court is made up of nine what?

The US Supreme Court has nine justices, the Court's official term for its judges.

What term describes a court made up of non military judges?

The word you are seeking is tribunal.

The court is made up of 6 judges and A chef what is the name of the chef?

Chief Justice - the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is John G. Roberts, Jr.

An appeal of a court martial decision would come before the?

If an individual decided to appeal a court-martial, it would come before the Court of Military Appeals. It is a civilian court made up of three judges.

What do we call the nine judges that make up judicial branch?

The judicial branch is not just the nine judges of the Supreme Court although these "Supreme Court Justices" are the most important judges in the judiciary.

How many judges consist of supreme court?

There are many different supreme courts - one of the US and one for each of the States. They have different numbers of judges, depending on the Constitution of each state. There are eight judges on the US Supreme Court (Nine seats for judges).

Who are the judges in the Riverside Superior Court?

Well there are six judges and they are Mac R. Fisher, Craig Riemer, Thomas Cahraman, Gloria Trask, Jacqueline Jackson, and lastly Sharon Waters, and these are the fine judges that make up Riverside Superior Court.

If a person doesnt show up in court and judge issues a warant how does it take to go into affective?

The warrent goes into effect the moment the court is over and the judges court clerk enters it into the computer ( I have an aunt who is a judges clerk), and never longer than the end of the day.

What does nonmilitary mean?

The prefix non means not. So, nonmilitary means not pertaining to the military. Note: It does NOT mean "a person not IN the military" which is too narrow of a meaning.Examples:Nonmilitary police cars would be an unusual sight on a Naval Base.The nonmilitary road block just beyond the training area gates for the US Marines raised red flags.There were three nonmilitary personnel riding with the sergeant in a military jeep.A car theft ring tried to replace a military license plate with nonmilitary tags, except they forgot to cover up the Army insignia on the doors.