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Q: What is a desire to unite all people with a common language race and culture under a single government?
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What are some things that some Empires have common?

Many empires have a strong centralized power structure, a system to govern territories and people, and a desire to expand their territories through conquest or colonization. Additionally, empires often have a common culture or language that they promote across their domains.

What was the desire of people with a common language and customs for self rule?

People with a common language and customs desired self-rule to govern themselves according to their own values, traditions, and needs. They sought autonomy and independence in order to preserve and protect their culture and way of life without interference from external authorities or forces.

What does Webster's dictionary and Hudson river school of artist have in common?

They both reflected the nationalistic desire for strictly a American culture.

How do you you say desire in sign language?

Desire to praise you

Why did the Dawes Act fail?

The Dawes Act fulfilled a desire of the U.S. government to suppress the Indian way of life & force assimilation to white culture.

Why did Dawe's Act fail?

The Dawes Act fulfilled a desire of the U.S. government to suppress the Indian way of life & force assimilation to white culture.

Why culture is important in language?

Language is important in a culture because it is part of a person's identity. Language is a key factor that distinguishes some cultures from others. It is a way to communicate with other members of the culture. Sometimes, it can even relate to religion. Variations in language can also be important to culture. For example, slang is used in a different cultural setting than proper speech, even if the language spoken is the same. Some people respect others who learn their language because it shows a respect and desire to connect. For example, if someone in the U.S. learns Spanish to communicate with immigrants, it shows a respect for them (and vice-versa).

What have the Basque people been fighting for?

The Basque people have been fighting for greater political autonomy, preservation of their language and culture, and in some cases, full independence from Spain and France. The Basque region has a long history of resistance against external control and a desire to preserve its unique identity.

What is the desire for no government called?


Why do people desire to preserve culture?

BECAUSE, it was there father way

Should you retain your language and culture?

It is really up to you to decide how much you value your language and culture or whether there is some other language that you would rather speak, and some other culture in which you would rather participate. Of course, you can speak more than one language and participate in more than one culture if you so desire. It's more work, but some people find it rewarding. It is worth bearing in mind that within two or three generations, your language and your culture will have changed significantly anyway: your great-grand-children will not regard it as theirs any more. You can see this by reading books written 100 years ago, then 200 years ago and so forth. Culture and language are both fluid: they change all the time. The bottom line is that you should be who you feel most comfortable being: but don't be afraid to embrace new things if they suit you.

What are the key traits of a civilization?

A surplus of basic commodities which can be diverted to other than mere subsistence. Security from predators. The desire to cooperate to develop common goals. The desire for cultural and sovial development. Stable government to control and coordinate activities.