What is a dignitary?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a person of importance

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Q: What is a dignitary?
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The cast of A Very Candid Game - 2011 includes: Habtehb Asisgha as Dignitary Justin Bernais as Dignitary Simen Chang as Dignitary Assaf Chaudri as Dignitary Rick Cordeiro as Dignitary Sandra DaCosta as Meredith James Dalzell as Photographer Jessica Danov as Waitress James Deke as Dignitary Reuben Earle as Dignitary Haila Fenta as Dignitary Tayves Fiddis as Dignitary Barb Frigault as Dignitary Raymond Genayel as Dignitary Nathan Grundy as Dignitary Maria Harms as Dignitary Richard Hasan as Dignitary Tim Heenan as Rufus P. Dowd Paula Jenkins as Dignitary Amber Long as Dignitary Pauline Noonan as Dignitary Julia Pileggi as Dignitary Loris Puntillo as Bar Tender Shane Steinman as Dignitary Karen Sykes as Dignitary Hussen Tarika as Dignitary Tracy Tiefenbach as Dignitary Jill Van Vea as Dignitary Scott Vancea as George

What is the function of the dignitary gland?

The purpose of the dignitary gland is to secrete a liquid that lubricates and protects the urethra during ejaculation.

What is the origin of the word dignitary?

It latin-middle english

What is an important civic dignitary called in Latin America?


What did Thomas Jefferson do in France?

He went to France to become a dignitary.

Who is an important civic dignitary of a latin American town?


What 3 and 4 letter words mean dignitary?

VIP, star

Who was the first foreign dignitary to address the full congress?

the Marquis de Lafayette

An example of a civic dignitary?

Andrew Young II is a civil dignitary. This means that he was an important person who did a great deal for the community. He was a congressman, trusted lieutenant of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and an ambassador to the United Nations.

How do you ask a dignitary to attend a function?

I would like to attend "........." may I please be invited?

Can the driver of the car of a dignitary with a red beacon light on the roof jump a red light in India?


What is a one word substitute for a great or famous person?

It could be an eminent or renowned person, or a dignitary.