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Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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due process of law

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Due process

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Q: What is a guarantee to us citizens that every protection of every law will be applied to them?
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A guarantee to US citizens that every protection of every law will be applied to them?

due process of law

A guarantee to us citizen that every protection of every law will be applied to them?

The 14th Amendment

What is guaranteed to every state by the federal government?

There will be no taxation without representation.Yes, but no. As stated by Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, every state is guaranteed a republican form of government and protection from invasion and domestic violence.

What does the constitution require the national government to guarantee?

A fair one

Sir every one of your products have a guarantee Is this right?

Sir, every one of your products have a guarantee.

Which amendment requires that every state grant its citizens equal protection of the laws?

The 14th amendment prevents states from denying any citizen equal protection under the law. No state may pass a law which would abridge the rights granted US citizens by the Constitution.

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Are laws only written for the protection of the citizens?

Laws are generally enacted to maintain order, protect the rights of individuals, and promote the common good within a society. While protection of citizens is a significant aspect, laws also serve other functions, such as regulating behavior, resolving disputes, and ensuring justice and fairness for all members of society.

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How was the fourteenth amendment supposed to help African-Americans?

It gave full citizenship to all people born in the Unites States. Because most African Americans were American born, they became full citizens. The amendment also required every state to grant its citizens "equal protection of the laws."

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