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Some type of party

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Q: What is a moderate Democrat?
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Was Robert dole a Republican or a democrat?

moderate republican

Is Bret Baier of Fox news democrat or republican?

By most accounts, he is a moderate Republican.

Who was a moderate liberal who was defeated by Dwight Eisenhower?

Democrat Adlai Stevenson

Would Richard Nixon be a Democrat if he were alive today?

No. He would be a moderate conservative.

Was Eisnehower a democrat or Republican?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was, in the 1950s, a Republican. If he was active in politics today and had the same policies he had in the 1950s, he'd be a moderate Democrat.

What is a moderate politician?

either republican or democrat, a moderate is a centrist between conservatism and liberalism, rather a soggy, flip-floppy character most of the time

Is the democrat party conservative moderate or liberal?

Neither. The NDP is the NDP. The Liberals are the Liberals and the Conservatives are the Conservatives.

Is Obama a democratic or a republican?

Barack Obama is a Democrat. By some accounts, his maternal grandparents, who raised him, were moderate Republicans, but he has always identified as a member of the Democratic party since his first run for office in 1996.

Is Shepherd Smith a Democrat or Republican?

Republican definitely but he tries to look and sound neutral Shepard Smith is a democrat, as are Geraldo Rivera, Greta Van Susteren and Alan Colmes. Bill O'Reilly is an independent.

Is Obama a Democrat?

Yes. President Obama is a Democrat, i.e., a member of the Democratic party in the US political system. By most objective accounts, he is considered a moderate or centrist Democrat in his political philosophy. He also is a democrat, i.e., a member of the citizenry of a democracy within a philosophy of a democratic government, such as in the US.

What Is the president a Democrat or a republican?

Barack Obama has always been a Democrat. Some sources say his maternal grandparents, who raised him, were moderate Republicans, but since he first ran for office in 1996, Mr. Obama has been identified with the Democratic party.

What is the importance of moderates in the political process?

A moderate can be a Democrat, Republican, 3rd party, or independent. They are also called "Centrists". Conservatives (mostly Republican) tend to be what is called "right of center" . Liberals (mainly Democrats) are generally "left of center". The vast majority of Americans are moderates, and want the country governed from the middle. Not too far right, or too far left. Politically, moderate politicians are important as they keep the government from going too far left or right, and more towards the middle, where the majority want it. In the public sector, moderates are important because they have the numbers, and control the elections. Most moderate Democrats will note for a moderate Republican over a liberal Democrat, just as most moderate Republicans will vote for a moderate Democrat over a far right conservative Republican.