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a corporation

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Q: What is a organization owned by many people but treated by law a though it were a single person?
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What is an organization owned by many people but treated by law as thought it was a single person?


Can one person be an organization?

It would be pretentious for a single person to consider him or herself to be an organization, however, one person can be the beginning of an organization if that person recruits other people into the organization.

Who is the founder of locks of love?

The founder of Locks of Love is not a single person, but an organization. The organization was a wig making corporation. The person in charge of the organization was Madonna Coffman.

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What is the hierarchy theory?

In a hierarchical organization each person has only one boss at any given time. Whereas, in a matrix organization there may be a horizontal and a vertical boss. In a project-based organization a person may be assigned to multiple projects, each with its own boss. The advantage of hierarchical organization is that individuals have a single set of expectations and directions and a single place to go for guidance.

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A single person.

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As a group, it is a population; a single person is a citizen. The people of a place are also called inhabitants; or a single person is an inhabitant.

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Swaziland Single Mothers Organization was created in 2009.

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