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A petition of removal is a document that is filed with a court system. It is most commonly used when DHS has completed an investigation and found that a parent has physically abused their child.

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Q: What is a petition of removal?
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What is a Petition for Removal Personal Injury?

Petition for removal - personal injury is a form used in the legal field. This is most commonly used when a parent has caused physical harm to their child and DHS wants to remove the child from that home.

Who was the Cherokee chief who took a petition to Congress protesting the Cherokee removal from their land?


Who was the chief o the Cherokee who took a petition to Congress protesting the Cherokee removal from their land?

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief John Ross took a petition to Congress in 1838 protesting the U.S. government's planned removal of the Cherokees from their homelands in the southeast. He was accompanied by Whitepath and other officials. The petition bore the signatures of nearly 16,000 Cherokee Nation citizens, many written in the Cherokee syllabary, the Cherokee's own written language. The petition fell on deaf ears and the tribe's forcible removal began later that year.

What does it mean to say that the state does not oppose the petition for expungement?

That the government will agree to allow the record of the defendant to be cleared or cleaned by the removal of whatever is being discussed, removal from his or her criminal record.

What is the name of the court petition to remove an executor of a will?

To remove an executor from an estate a petition must be filed. Then there has to be reasoning provided either ineligibility or misconduct. All this must be provided to file in order for a representative of court to review and make a decision.

I was just granted a Withholding of removal based on INA section 243 b3. Is there any way I can change my status Would marriage to a citizen make a difference?

Of Course, you can change your status ... You have two options: marry a US citizen or apply for a labor certification. You can check on ... I got a Witholding too ... By the way, do you know what benefit we have with the withholding of removal. If you know or if you want to share experiences, please write to me to It is my understanding that an adjustment is not possible for someone who has been granted a withholding of removal based on a marriage or employment petition. It is one of the disadvantages of the withholding of removal status. An alien can get married with this status but he/she cannot petition for a green card based on this status. Likewise, an alien with the withholding of removal status can work in the USA therefore, employment petition is not required. I am interested to hear from anyone who received adjustment through marriage after receiving the withholding of removal status. Lzfaire

What is the legal age of emancipation in the state of Alaska and how can you do so?

18 The age of majority in Alaska is 18. At 16 you can petition for emancipation, which in Alaska is called "removal of disabilities of minority"

how do I get someone removed as the administrator of an estate?

If the co-administrator is not performing their duties you can petition to have them removed at the same court that made the appointment. You must provide the reasons for the request on the petition for removal.

What if executor refuses to file an accounting in 9 years?

This could be ground for an action for removal of the executor. A personal representative, whether an executor of a will or a trustee of an estate, may be removed for failing to meet the responsibilities of the position. Any interested person can petition to remove an executor. An interested person is usually any present or future beneficiary or creditor who has a stake in the estate. The petition for removal may be combined with a request for appointing a new, alternative personal representative.

Can you get emancipated in Louisiana at 16?

You cannot, a minor must be at least 16-years of age to be eligible for filing a petition within the circuit court requesting "removal of disability of age", (emancipation).

What is the emancipation age in Texas?

Texas Family Code, chapter 31 allows a minor who is at least 16 to petition for 'removal of disabilities of minority' The minimum age is 16, the minor must go through a court procedure called "Removal of Disabilities of a Minor"..Texas Family Code 31.001

What is the process for emancipation in Florida?

Removal of the Disabilities of NonageMust be at least 16 years of ageMust have a petition filed by the minor’s natural or legal guardian or, if there is none, by a guardian ad litem.