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Q: What is a political division?
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Is province a geographic or political division?

Political division.

Will a schism in a political benefit the party?

No, a division in a political party will not benefit the party.

What was the era of division?

The era of division was a time of political division and civil strife after the breakdown of the Han dynasty in the late 2nd century.

What is the major political division of Afghanistan?

they don't exist

How can you overcome political division religious differences?

You cannot. That is why you have compromise.

What is 'Balkanized'?

The division of a political unit (country) into smaller units.

Which political division extends furthest south?

Ontario in think..

Was there a political division in America in 1789?

Yes, because there was a political division between the Federalists and Antifederalists as to whether the Constitution should be passed or not. Federalists supported the Constitution and Antifederalists opposed the Constitution.

Which of the four political division does not share the same island as the other?

I have no clure

Is there a political division of the country Iraq?

Iraq is divided into 18 governorates.

What are reigons?

A reigon is a political or functional division in the world that has simmular areas in it

Does a Political division include provinces and territories?

Yes, and smaller political divisions like counties, towns, townships and villages.