What is a politions?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A political poll is when an organization asks a lot of people the same political questions then reports how much of the group gave each answer.

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Q: What is a politions?
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go find babas accounts,and find accounts of politions relatives.

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Afghanistan has always had wars fought through it over hundreds of years. we are there now, to bring stability to it. Many say because of bin laden, but this is down to uneducated people bringing media visions into perpection. the country itself is hugely valuble with the estimated value of ground minerals at 40 billion usd, this could be the reaon why so many isaf forces are taken posistion there. Having served there twice i felt the people i had met felt we were doing right, we are helping them through all economics, social and political solutions. with the construction of the turbine in helmand which produces power to over 2000 people. Many personal views will be used to answer this question including politions but in long term i feel that we are providing justice there and are fighting for a good cause even if it isn't recognised.

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The Health & Safety at Work Act is now a part of modern lives. With the recent press and half a brain politions selling Health & Safety as a joke. It's amazing how quickly swayed the public are by a few lies and twists. Before Health & Safety arrived in Parliment children as young as six years old worked hard hours for little or no pay. Children sometimes worked up to 19 hours a day, with a one-hour total break. It is the element of the workplace we love to hate. But if someone we love has an accident we would want to know who was responsible and in this day are likely to sue for damages too! About 170 people or more will die in the UK next year. They will be killed at work. 1.2 million have work related illness today. Attitudes toward this subject need to change!

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ell any time some one has controle of all power in any country they need some kind of national objective to keep there people so occupyed that they wont have time to rebell.they either say the have an enimy thats read to invade them and they need a strong leader to keep them away or they them selves wioll lead the same p4eople to war in order to keep the people depending on them to be there hero and be able to get the riches they can steal from where ever they invade,so to keep power rulers of all kinds will usualy start a war that they thing will be an easy victory and when they win and word get around to other countrys that that leader is a magnificant war leader it instills fear that they might be next on the list of places to be invaded,then they send people to try to bribe the strong man not to invade there country also,but any time a country tryes to bribe enouther not to invade it tells the invader they probly wouldnt have to much trouble taking over that country.seems our politions have adopted that bribing phlosipy these last few years and looks like it will only get worse.

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Hitler believed that the Jews were aliens. He hated them. He took action by starting an ethnic cleasning and trying to kill them off forever by inventing concentration camps and deporting them off there to die. Before the Concentration Camps he placed them in ghettos. -RoundRupert

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The simplest answer is "scape-goating". But that's not really a sufficient answer. Anti-semitism has been around for a very long time. Hitler and the Nazis didn't invent it. Not by a longshot. It's been around through medieval times, and even during Ancient Rome. There's alot of 'justifications', but they are all some variation of 'Jews are different, so it's easy to project my fears and insecurities on them.' Hitler himself had many reasons why he hated Jews and it's something historians have studied for years. His father (whom he hated) was part Jewish. He was turned down for art school and blamed Jews. But the most potent was that Hitler, like alot of Germans, blamed Jews (unjustly) for their loss in World War 1. The government of the Kaiser kept telling the German people they were winning the war. So when Germany surrendered, it was a major shock to them. And Hitler was a soldier in WW1. It was, by his own description, the best time of his life because he thrived on the comraderie with fellow soldiers. To Hitler and those like him, the only explanation for how they went from being in a winning position to suddenly surrendering was sabotage. And Hitler blamed Communism and Jews. Which in his mind, were basically the same because he viewed Communism as a Jewish plot. Hitler and other German anti-semites (and it's important to acknowledge not all were) blamed Jews for the struggles imposed by Versailles and everything else that went wrong.