What is a politition?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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gorden brown is a polition and he is a fat ugly guy lets face it, unfortantly, and just so you know he is so ugly he kills small puppies just when they see his face

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Q: What is a politition?
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The most revered value in the American potical culture is?

Honesty. Unfortunately if a politition were honest, he wouldn't be a politition. Lying is a full time job.

What Indian politition has a birthday on may?


Was Alexander the Great a politition?

Learn to spell politician, then I will answer

What is the salary of a Nutrition Administrator?

as much as a politition is what i heard...

What do you call someone who studies politics and government?

A political scientist.

What is the name of the politition John Key has promised not to work with?

Winston Peters

Is political science considered a science?

Yes, it is the science of being a politition

Why you would not like to be a politician?

I would not want to be a politition because no-one likes them (besides Family & friends)

What rhymes with shunned?

Complication Politition Situation Simulation Tension

What state was candidate sara palin is govenor?

Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, and she also worked in Indiana and North Carolina as a politition.

What was Theodore Roosevelt's job for a living?

he was a rancher in the western area but a politition in the city. to find out more go to your local library or type in..... something

What is multi media politics?

multi media politics is the different ways a politition gets accross there veiws eg. tv, news papers and advertiseing