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The executive department that is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining international relations of the U.S. is the Department of State. This department is located in the Harry S. Truman Building in Washington, D.C..

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Q: What is a responsibility of the Department of State?
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Is a responsibility of the department of state?

U.S. border protection

Which of the following is a responsibility of the Department of State?

U.S. border protection

What is the main responsibility of the department of state?

Responsible for international relations of the United States.

Which federal department has the most limited role because its area of responsibility comes mainly under state jurisdiction?

Department of Educationb. Department of StateWrong! It is the department of education. A.

Foreign Poicy is the special responsibility of what US cabinet department?

The State Department, under direction of the President, deals with foreign policy.

What are the foreign relations of Puerto Rico?

As a US Territory foreign relations are the responsibility of the US State Department.

Which department has the responsibility for formulating an international tax policy?

The Treasury Department has the responsibility for formulating an international tax policy.

Is printing money a responsibility of the local governments?

no. it is the responsibility of the Treasury Department

Is printing the US currency the responsibility of the Department of the Interior?

No it is the Department of Treasury

Most responsibility formation of foreign policy is held by the?

US : The Secretary of State. UK, for example, the Foreign Secretary, the Foreign & Commonwealth department.

What department is responsible for overall foreign policy?

The executive branch of the federal government of the United States of America has primary responsibility for conducting foreign affairs. The Department of State within that branch is the agency that carries out the foreign policy of the Executive branch.

What is the major department that deals with foreign countries?

The executive department that serves under the President of the United States that carries out foreign policy is the Secretary of State. This individual has the responsibility to advise the president on foreign matters and works with foreign leaders or officials.