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A meeting of members from a larger convention who secede and organize their own convention elsewhere.

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Q: What is a rump convention in politics?
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What does DNC mean in politics?

Democratic National Convention

What is the Democrat convention?

Where many democrats go to discuss politics. SORT OF LIKE A COMIC BOOK CONVENTION BUT WITH OLD GUYS,

On average how old were the delegates to the convention?

they were older men onwed slaves and experienced in politics

What has the author Elmer E Cornwell written?

Elmer E. Cornwell has written: 'The politics of the Rhode Island constitutional convention' -- subject(s): Constitutional conventions, Politics and government, Rhode Island, Rhode Island. Constitutional Convention (1964-1969)

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At which level is the convention still a major nominating device in American politics?

1. At State level, the convention is still a major device in American politics. This can be found on page 181 under 'The Convention' of the California Prentice Hall Magruder's American Government book by William A. McClenaghan.

What has the author Dario Castiglione written?

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How did the nominating convention contribute to the expansion of democracy in the 1820s?

They allowed people to become more active in politics

What is a brokered convention in politics?

At the nominating convention no aspirant has the necessary majority of delegates. Power, money, sex and other intangibles result in a contender's nomination or the nomination of a compromise candidate