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A person goes out of his way to help an injured stranger in hopes that he will be spiritually rewarded.

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Q: What is a scenario that describes a person demonstrating a key value of Hinduism?
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Which scenario is best illustrates the concept of illusory correlation?

A person believes cell phones cause cancer despite scientific studies finding no correlation between them.

Who is the person that founded Hinduism?

no person founded Hinduism or invented Hinduism. Rather Hinduism is a Religion created by Supreme God himself to enlighten people.

What is a devotee in Hinduism?

A person who accepts Hinduism is a Hindu.

Hinduism and Buddhism agree that a person life on earth?

Hinduism and Buddhism agree that a person life on earth is

Who practices Hinduism?

A person who adheres to Hinduism is called Hindu.

Who is the person that created Hinduism HHH?

Hinduism has no has no beginning no end

In Hinduism what is the individual self called?

In Hinduism individual person is called hindu. Hindu is the follower of Hinduism.

What scenario is the best illustrates the concept of illusory correlation?

A person claims red cars are unsafe even though studies show no correlations between the color and safety of cars [APEX]

In Hinduism how does someone find God?

There is no direct answer for that. The way a person finds God in Hinduism is different for each person.

Are Hindu and Hinduism the same religion?

no, Hinduism is a religion, where as hindu is the person who follows Hinduism. it is like christian and christianity.

Does the person have to convert to Hinduism?

no, Hinduism is not a strict religion, rather it is a way of life. any one can be a follower of Hinduism.

Was Hinduism was found by one person?

no, Hinduism was never founded by any person. according to Sacred Texts of Hinduism it was created by God himself, while scholars suggest that Hinduism developed from Brahmanism through thousands of years.