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In single tier local government there is only one lay of local authority in any clearly defined territorial area

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Q: What is a single tier local government?
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How many tier system of rural local government of tamilnadu?

3 tier system

How much tier system of rural local government in tamilnadu?


A form of local government in which power is diffused and no single individual is in charge is a?

A commission is a form of local government in which power is diffused and no single person is in charge. Another example of a local form of government is mayor-council.

Which state has the highest local government in Nigeria?

The local government in Nigeria is the third tier of government after the Federal and State governments. It is the closest to the grassroot. It is called the Area Council in the case of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. There are 774 local government areas (LGAs) in Nigeria. The local governments are headed by a Chairman who is elected.

What is a single tier architecture in net?

In single tier architecture, a single executable file handles all functions related to user,business and data the case of PASCAL,COBOL.

What is two tiered pluralism?

Two-tiered pluralism refers to a form of governance where decision-making authority is divided between multiple levels of government – typically between a national government and regional or local governments. This model allows for autonomy and diversity in decision-making at the lower tier while maintaining the overall unity and coherence of the national government at the higher tier.

In which would a single person be responsible for all functions of the local government?

under feudalism

What is single-tier architecture?

Single-tier architecture is the notion of having the user interface of a web application, the middle ware and the data access all contained in one whole architecture. Usually in Software Engineer you break your application to make them more maintainable and sustainable. If you know that your software will not grow over time, you may want to do a single tier architecture.

What positions are part of the government in a county level?

County Governments are organised local governments authorised in state constitutions and statutes. Counties form the first tier administrative division of the states.

Were is the Irish mafia local enforcer?

clip the Irish mobs local the job....and it is on the SOLDIER tier.

A unit of local government performing a single function for a particular group of people in a designated geographic area is a?

special district government

What is the definition of special purpose district?

›Special-Purpose Districts is a type of local government created for a single job or single group of tasks.