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Writing on Slate Boards. If you don't know what a Slate Board is, then I suggest you Google it.

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Q: What is a slate pencil used for?
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How did the children write their diary in the days of Victorian?

At school it was normal to write with a slate penicil on a piece of slate (the slate pencil could be make of clay, soft slate, soapstone or chalk). The main advantage of slate was that it the marks could be erased and the slate could be reused.

Where you get slate pencil in Dubai?

Just order it on website slatepencilstore you will get super soon delivery worldwide or whatsapp them on +919302682919

Slate pencil is good or not?

good for writing with!

How you quit eating slate pencils?

It is sure that people who are eating slated pencil surely have calcium and nutrients deficiency and other medical problems, such as lead exposure. Immediately purchase calcium tablets or Tab Calcium sandose for women and chew them like slate pencil.

Do all pencils including flat carpenter pencils have graphite in them?

YES! Apart from wax pencils used for marking glass etc, and wax pencils used in colouring a drawing.And I'd forgotten the slate pencils I used at school. And since they Seem to be missing from the Wikipedia article on pencils, here a few comments.[A slate pencil was used in conjunction with a slate board. [I use imperial measures as metric seems incongruous in this context.] The board was, from ancient memory, [must do some research] a piece of smooth slate, about 8 inches long and 6 inches wide. Set into a slender protective wooden frame. The pencil was also a piece of slate formed into a rod about the size of a normal pencil, but perhaps 5 inches long. This was wrapped in paper and could be sharpened in a normal pencil sharpener.This was used for children practicing writing. The marks made on the slate surface contrasted well with the background and could be easily removed with a soft cloth or a wet wiping. ]

How do you create slate pencil?

take waste pieces or powder of slate pencil..and mix with little very very little water and add some powder of chalk(pica) stirr it...and add much amount of vibhuthi mix it well till the mixture is in the form of thick...Then if u need a shape means..dats ur wish...and leave for one day..the next day..take it alone and keep it in any of dark for 5 to 10..then ur eating slate pencil is ready..becoz i experienced..... iam also slate pencil eater....

Is eating of 1 slate pencil per day is harmful?

Yes.... Of course...

A hard tablet used for writing with chalk?


What did pioneer schools used as a writing tablet?

In many of the schools in the early history of the U.S. and its western territories, the students used a slate as a writing tablet. There was a large slate blackboard in the front of the classroom for the teacher's use, as there was until a few years ago when greenboards were introduced for that purpose. The student's slate was about 10"x12". Slates and blackboards were marked by using chalk, rather than a pencil.

On this day in 1858 the patent for a pencil with an attached eraser was issued Taking your pencils point of view what do you think a typical day in your classroom would be like?

The day was probably spent in instruction and trial of sharpening the pencil with a knife and testing the eraser in correction and writing on your slate with chalk or a slate pencil. There probably not a lot of paper to write or print on!

Did people write before the invention of the pencil?

Before pencils were invented, people used a wide variety of materials to write, such as paint, ink, charcoal, ashes, dirt and slate.

What was slate used for in the past?

Slate was used for countertops, chalkboards, and is still used in roofing and pavers.