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Gye Nyame

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Q: What is a symbol for only God can judge me?
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What is the symbol for 'only god can judge me'?

'Only god can judge me' well it means that one day everyone in the world will die and that is when judgement day starts. you get judge on everything you have done on earth. and then god can only judge u. and you either go to heaven or hell.

What is the Egyptian symbol for 'only god can judge you'?

The symbol you are looking for is the Gye Nyame, it belongs to Andikra symbols but it means "Presence of God" or "God alone"; not, as some have suggested, "Only God can judge me", although many people use it this way. For an image, see the related links below.

When was Only God Can Judge Me created?

Only God Can Judge Me was created in 1998.

How do you write only god can judge me in Sanskrit?

The phrase "Only God can judge me" can be translated to Sanskrit as "केवलं ईश्वरो मां प्रमार्षतु".

If you have made mistakes will only God judge you?

No, people judge one another on their mistakes everyday in life. What most who believe in God know is that only God has a right to judge and when it comes down to it, only God's judgment matters.

What is the tattoo for 'only god will judge me'?

דָנִיֵּאל < --- This means "God is my Judge" in Hebrew, if you're interested.

What is 'Only God will judge me' when translated from English to Italian?

"Only God will judge me!" in English is Solo Dio mi giudicherà! in Italian.

Who has the right to judge mankind?

Only God is allowed to judge and be judgemental

What does this Deus solus you judicare potest translate to English?

I can't speak for the word "you" in the middle and I am new to Latin however Deus= God Solus= Only Judicare= Judge Potest= Has the power to; can; shall Loosely translates to : "Only God can judge me" "Only God has the power to judge me" "God alone (can/has the power to) judge me"

What is the Egyptian symbol for the Hebrew God?

The Egyptians did not have a symbol for the Hebrew God. They only wrote about the Hebrews in one place, and didn't mention their God.

What is the meaning of 'Who are you to judge others'?

The bible tells us that we are not to judge anybody , and only god has the right to judge us.

What is a symbol for right judgment?

There's no symbol, as a matter of fact, we have no right to judge. We are all made fairly by God, by that, He has the only right to do so. If you judge someone, it's the same as you are judging God too. He has reasons for whoever we are and we were. So right judgment or wrong judgment doesn't exists, God's judgment does. And all of us are gonna be judged soon, by Him.