What is a trusted adult?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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an adult that you can trust to talk to about important stuff.

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Q: What is a trusted adult?
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How can bullies be stopped?

Bullying can be stopped by adult intervention or law enforcement.

What do you do you are 14 and And you are pregnit?

You need to talk to a trusted adult - parent, school counselor, clergy person, or trusted relative

What should you do if your teacher kissed you?

Turn them into the principal or a trusted adult.

What should you do if a cyberbully targets you?

you should tell a trusted adult

Should i kill myself or commit suicide?

You should do neither. Talk to your school counselor, your minister, a teacher, a police officer, a trusted adult, the school principal - any trusted adult and do it now.

If you are having a relationship problem you should talk to a trusted adult?


What should you do if you find something inappropriate or that makes you feel uncomfortable on the web?

You should get up and tell an adult or tell a trusted adult

Can a 13 year old leave the house if she is getting touched by an adult?

Yes but another adult that is trusted should be told and that touching adult should be put in jail.

What do you do if a guy stalks you?

Tell him to leave you alone and if he doesn't, tell the police or a trusted adult.

What if you find out one of your friends is stealing?

Do they know you know? You can tell a trusted adult, or talk to your friends about it.

What people or places could help you during puberty?

The best thing to do is to talk to a trusted adult.

Why does my mom tickle me down there is it normal for a lonely women or should i talk to my pastor about it?

I would definitely talk to an adult about it. A pastor. A grandparent. Teacher. Any trusted adult.